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OpenVMS Backup and Media Manager

EnterpriseBACKUP makes performing backups and restores across a heterogeneous network nearly effortless. Remote systems can be backed up onto the removable media on  a central OpenVMS machine. Likewise, you can manage the backup of the remote system from a central OpenVMS machine utilizing the remote  systems own removable drives. Either way, maintaining constant insight into the contents of all your removable disks is a breeze using the central online Media database

Today, there are massive amounts of data to be stored and retrieved quickly. The terms tape and disk now are generic terms which describe CD ROM's, floppies, DAT's, cartridges, etc. Storage devices vary widely in capabilities, from manually loading devices to automated robotic juke box systems. Since there's a lot more to media management than just putting data on a tape, you need reliable, user- friendly software that keeps you in control of all of the devices and all of the data... all of the time.

EnterpriseBACKUP from ISE is the solution to all your media problems and more. The MEDIA Librarian maintains a comprehensive database of your media and its contents. BCKMGR Backup Manager provides an easy method of backing up your data and VAULT Saveset Manager helps to locate and recover data quickly and easily. So no matter where your data is, you're in control and responsive to user needs

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