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With hundreds of backups on the line, system reliabilityis integral to data history. Companies can be assured of 24 x 365 resilience with the hot-swap capabilities; multi-site, disaster-tolerant clusters; and dynamic server resource reallocation of OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems. Plus, EnterpriseBACKUP saves backups to a standard OpenVMS tape for dependable storage and recovery, and backup sets and media library data are stored in a secure standard Resource Management System (RMS) database.


In todays dynamic business climate, companies need an affordable system now that can accommodate their future growth requirements. OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems is highly scalable, accommodating unpredictable and massive growth. In the meantime, EnterpriseBACKUP scales to meet varying user needs with 28 different modesfrom a full backup to an agent backup for the Windows NT operating system.


EnterpriseBACKUP handles backups for a diverse selection of hardware platforms, including the OpenVMS, UNIX, and Windows NT operating systems. Plus, jobs run on a centralized OpenVMS system can back up to all standard tape drives, programmable stackers, autochangers, and jukeboxes. Clients, servers, and jobs are available .

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